Three Boys on Bikes – Paris, 1996

In the Summer of 1996 I travelled to Europe with my two best friends, Dave and Jason, whom I’d known since high school. It was supposed to be our triumphant college graduation tour, but I had transferred schools and was still two years away from graduation. As a double major, Jason was about a year away from graduating, so Dave was the only bona fide graduate. However, Jason and I weren’t about to let Dave travel by himself, so we loaded up our backpacks and spent almost two months together traveling through France, Spain, Italy, Germany and the Czech Republic.

I took three cameras with me on that trip – all film of course. I carried a nikon 8008 35mm camera, an olympus stylus 35mm point and shoot for snapshots and a Lubitel twin lens 2 1/4 camera that made large square negatives which happens to be my favorite format. Of course all of these cameras required film, of which I carried about 50 or more rolls. Add to that the video camera I took, and I barely had room for clothes. Somehow I dragged close to 50 lbs with me across Europe without doing irreparable damage to my back.

I photographed these three boys on my very first morning in Europe. We came up out of the Paris Metro (subway) and found ourselves in the middle of a street protest supporting a teachers’ strike. These three boys were watching the action and presumably hoping the strike would keep going so they wouldn’t have to go back to school.

This has always been one of my favorite shots. It was a good way to start off my Europe trip photographically, so I figured it would be a fitting start to this blog.

Check back next week for a new photo.

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