Group Photo – Toledo, Spain 1996

In my last post I mentioned photographing people in windows is an obsession of mine. I guess that would make photographing other people taking pictures or getting their picture taken a preoccupation at the very least. I think the need to photograph the “we were there”  snapshot is about the same as my need to document that I saw you doing it. It’s about bringing home proof that you saw or did something interesting. The difference is that I find you much more intriguing than the scene you’re posing in front of.

This photo was taken in the main plaza of Toledo, Spain, an amazing Spanish hill town. We only spent a day here, but I could have spent longer. Toledo is known for it’s history of sword making, and in a rare moment of tourist weakness we bought matching swords that we had the shop ship back home. Unfortunately we never received our swords – something about customs. Despite our attempts to obtain a refund from the shop once we were back in the states we never got our money back. This little debacle was the beginning of what I now call my idiot tax – my monetary penance for all of the stupid things I’ve done – from shipping swords from Spain to getting caught in speed traps and now more recently trying to fix things around our house only to make the problem (and the expense) worse.

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2 Responses to Group Photo – Toledo, Spain 1996

  1. Pam says:

    Es muy bonita.

  2. steve hollingsworth says:

    your pics seem to have a 30′s or 40′s feel to them…maybe the black and white or clothes that are worn…I enjoy them…and envy the trip you were on with good friends. sorry about the swords.

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